How To Be The Best Lash Client

How To Be The Best Lash Client

Prior to your appointment:

  1. Clean your lashes

A lash artists pet hate is when clients turn up with uncleansed lashes as it takes up precious time. Think of it this way, the cleaner your lashes are, the more time your technician will to get more lashes on you.

  1. Thickness of lashes can be more dramatic than length

As a client you may think the longer the eyelash extensions, the more impactful the final look – although this isn’t necessarily true. It depends on what look you want. If you want a bold, thick look then you may find that more shorter extensions will provide this drama. But if wispy is your look of choice, then longer lashes may still be your preferred option.

During your appointment:

  1. Talk to your lash artist about styling

You may have seen a lash style on a celebrity or friend which you’d like to try. However, just because that lash style looks great on them – it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to suit you. Trust your lash artist, if they advise you against a style – they’ll be doing it to complement you.

  1. Let your artist know about any discomfort

If you feel any discomfort whatsoever during your appointment, then let your lash artist know. It’s important to share this information, as you may be having an allergic reaction to one of the products being used.

After your appointment:

  1. Take care of your eyelash extensions

Keeping your lashes cleansed and brushing them day and night is key to eyelash extension retention – it’s also the best way to keep your lash artist happy when you intend on having infills.