How To Create The Perfect Lash Client

How To Create The Perfect Lash Client

Every lash tech has those clients that turn up late, have makeup all over their eyes, lay down and can't stay still for even a minute! Sound familiar? Well Nikki Murphy, Brand Educator is here to give you our top tips to help your clients be the PERFECT lash client. We all know prep is key when lashing, so lets get our clients doing their bit of prep too.




For the makeup wearer CLIENTS

Please arrive makeup free for your appointment. Coming with no makeup on will prevent having to spend precious lashing time cleaning makeup residue from your eyes and lashes. If you have recently warn strip lashes, please make sure all glue residue has been cleaned away. 



Please use the bathroom before your lash extension appointment. There is nothing worse than being stuck laid down for a long period of time being desperate for the loo! Once we start your lash appointment we will be unable to stop for a loo break.


Please limit your caffeine intake in the hours before your eyelash appointment.

We know life is a rush and you just want to stop for that coffee on your way to your appointment. Or you are running on empty and need a boost so hit the energy drinks that morning.


These things make it super hard for us to give you amazing lash extension as they can cause your eyes to flicker and open. Limit teas, coffees, alcohol, energy drinks anything with caffeine in before your eyelash extension appointment so we can create gorgeous lash extensions for you but also in a safe way so that your eyes are fully closed.



Feel free to bring your earphones and favourite chill out music or audio book to listen too. When we lash we love you to keep super still (feel free to lash nap if you’d like). When some people talk they are very animated and their faces move a lot and also they like to use their hands. This makes for very difficult lashing conditions!


We love to chat during the prep process but when we’re lashing we love you to relax so we can give you lash extensions like a leading lady.


FOR The phone call taker CLIENTS

Your lash appointment is the perfect time to “switch off” that said please silence your mobile phone. We can’t help you answer calls or read messages as we will be busy in our lash zone.


Get comfy

Please come to your appointment in comfortable clothes that you can relax in. 

Can you think of any we have missed? Let us know, we’d love to hear your top tips too to add to the list!