How to help clients who always wear lashes avoid traction alopecia

Traction alopecia is primarily caused by applying a pulling force to the hair, causing the natural hair to shed prematurely. Within eyelashes traction alopecia can develop if there is too much strain on the hair follicle of the natural eyelash, i.e. lashes have been overweighted.

We asked Salon Owner & The Eyelash Emporium Lash Educator Sonia Gapper for more advice on what steps to take when you encounter a client with traction alopecia. 

To avoid traction alopecia, always complete a full consultation with clients. This gives you a full assessment of the client’s health, along with the general health, thickness and length of their natural lashes. Their natural lash, will determine the length and weight of the extension that can be used, enabling you to customise and create the desired look for the client.

When applying extensions, you should always follow 1-1 application. One classic lash, to one natural lash. This allows the lash, to continue through the lash growth cycle and shed naturally. Regular maintenance of extensions allows the technician to fully assess the natural lash prior to starting the infill. Pay attention to signs that may suggest overweighting and adjust by using a finer extension.

When followed sensibly the client will not experience overweighting and in turn no lash damage will be caused. Remember, one size does not fit all! Always protect the natural lash. If you are responsible, your clients will have healthy lashes.