How To Prepare For Your First Lash Appointment

Patch Test

As you would at the hairdressers before you have a full head of colour, you will be required to have a patch test before you have eyelash extensions. The patch test is nothing to worry about, but is important as it will determine whether you can go ahead with the treatment – ruling out any potential allergic reactions. Different lash artists will patch test in different ways. Here at The Eyelash Emporium we patch test by applying individual lashes to the outer lashes. All patch tests must be conducted 48 hours prior to your treatment.

Come with make-up free eyes

Don’t show up to your appointment with eye makeup on, it wastes your precious lash time. Also, if your contact lens wearer, remove this prior to treatment and bring your glasses with you to wear after – you should try and avoid putting contact lenses in for at least 24 hours after your eyelash treatment.

Come ready to lay still

A full set of eyelash extensions takes around 90-120 minutes – during this time you will need to lay still. Try and go to the toilet before your treatment, and maybe avoid having too much caffeine.

Enjoy your treatment

Once you’re settled on the couch, your lash treatment will begin, at this point you should relax in the safety of your lash artist’s hands. Don’t worry about filling any awkward silences during your appointment, simply enjoy your lash nap. Any lash artist will tell you, clients talking throughout their treatment makes their job a little harder – as there is more movement of their eyes.