Introducing Quick-Time Elite Adhesive

Introducing Quick-Time Elite Adhesive

The Eyelash Emporium are proud to present our fastest setting lash adhesive, Quick-Time Elite Adhesive. With a curing time of 0.5-1 seconds, this lash glue is the perfect adhesive for advanced techs.

Who should use our Quick-Time Elite Adhesive?
This semi-permanent lash adhesive is for advanced lash artists only. Due to its extremely quick drying time, if you aren’t able to work fast enough, the adhesive will dry in the air before you make the attachment.

What are the benefits of using a fast-drying adhesive?
There are many benefits to using this 0.5 second eyelash glue. The high-speed drying time means that you can produce mega volume. As the glue dries between 0.5-1 seconds, you decrease the amount of time waiting for the bond to cure, meaning you can place your fan and move onto the next one quicker – reducing stickies.

Environment and a fast-setting adhesive
Due to the quick drying time, it is vital to monitor your environment closely when using this adhesive. Quick-Time Elite Adhesive should be used with caution when there are higher temperatures or humidities. As this type of environment will speed the curing time of a lash adhesive, meaning this lash extension glue could cure almost instantly if the environment is too hot or humid. If you are unable to reduce the humidity in the room, our advice would be to drop down to our 1-2 second Master Artist Adhesive.

Top Tips for using this adhesive
Our educator, Danielle Hamnett, shared her top tip for using Quick-Time Elite Adhesive;
"As the Quick-Time Elite Adhesive has such an incredibly quick drying time – it is crucial to monitor your environment. I would highly recommend investing in a hygrometer and keeping this close to your workstation. This way, you can see the exact environment your glue is performing in, and make sure that they temperature and humidity levels are optimum for the lash glue."

Consistency of Quick-Time Adhesive
This adhesive has a thin consistency, but as with all our eyelash adhesives, make sure you shake the bottle thoroughly before use, and always wipe with a lint-free cloth to keep the bottle clean.

It is important to store Quick-Time Elite Adhesive in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. For best practice, keep the lash adhesive in an airtight container or a resealable bag, with silica beads to prevent moisture from affecting the adhesive.

Are you fast enough for our Quick-Time Elite Adhesive?