Map Your Way to B-Curl Lash Beauty As Worn By Gabby Allen

Map Your Way to B-Curl Lash Beauty As Worn By Gabby Allen

We've been working with the stunning Gabby Allen a while now and our go-to lash on her is always a B-Curl.

Why do we love using B-Curl lashes on Gabby?

  • They're beautiful, yet understated, they're natural and classic.
  • B-Curl is great on naturally very curly lashes as it elongates the natural lash enhance the natural curl. Top Tip: We would recommend applying this lash from the side or underneath on naturally curly lashes.
  • They're beautiful for mixing up with different curls. B-Curls are great for adding subtle length, while other curls can help add in a bit more drama!

B-Curl lashes can be used in any style and on any eye shape - any map would work to incorporate this curl. But one of our favourite maps to use to style Gabby Allen's lashes is The Kitten. 

Here's the Volume Kitten Map that Gabby's go-to lash artist Danielle Hamnett uses:

Volume B-Curl Lashes Kitten Map

Top Tip: As you can see from the lash map above, we have dropped the lash length for the bottom layer by 1mm across the whole map. Doing this creates the perfect lash line!

Gabby's preferred lash look is volume but the same effect can also be created using classic lashes and the map below:

Classic B-Curl Lashes Kitten Map


So you now you know the secret behind Gabby's sultry lashes - why don't you give this beautiful feline look a go!