Oh, how we've missed you Hay Fever

Oh, how we've missed you Hay Fever

From snow storms to heat waves, the UK has championed through it all this year. We have experienced a very hot summer and we’re struggling. This is due to the high pollen count, resulting in the dreaded Hay Fever. We love the long light nights, drinking cocktails and the golden glow – but, from as early as March we enter Hay fever season.

Hay Fever is a combination of tree and grass pollen, the tree pollen is around during March – May and grass pollen is around during June – September. It can cause numerous symptoms as it effects the sinuses, eyes and chest.

At The Eyelash Emporium, we classify Hay Fever as a Contra-Indication which means the GDL lash lift treatment would be inadvisable. Hay Fever is an allergic reaction to the pollen, and with any allergic reactions, it would not be safe to perform a treatment on a client.

But, when Hay Fever hits, your usual washing routine should be increased. The lashes should be cleaned often and thoroughly as pollen can settle on the lashes and amplify irritation. Therefore, we suggest that a GDL lash lift is better than eyelash extensions when experiencing Hay Fever as the lashes can be cleansed, washed and nourished with a lash lift.

Nevertheless, we are coming to the end of August and that only means one thing. No more Hay Fever!