Our Most Asked Questions...The Answers You Have Been Looking For!

What is the best eyelash adhesive for me?

We spent almost 2 years with Europe's top adhesive chemist developing our Blockbuster Ultra Platinum Adhesive to have the best properties for experienced eyelash technicians. We knew that it needed to be not only the strongest medical grade eyelash adhesive but that it also had to be low on fumes and be just the right viscosity to get a perfect bead of adhesive on the extension when you are working quickly. This may not suit the way that some technicians like to work especially if they are used to other companies adhesives. Our Epic Medium Eyelash Adhesive has similar properties and speed to standard eyelash glues so we recommend this for technicians starting out as it gives more time to adjust the position of the lash before setting. Technicians that like the extra 'open time' of traditional glues but want a bit more strength and less fumes will also feel right at home with medium adhesive. Motion Sensitive Low Odour Adhesive has a loyal following as it is virtually odourless but it should be noted that, to reduce the risk of reaction, the amount of bonding agent has been reduced and the strength is not as high as Medium or Ultra-Platinum. The reduction in long-term durability has, however, made it a perfect adhesive for cluster or express applications.

How should I store my eyelash extension adhesive?

Eyelash extension adhesives are sensitive to change in temperature and exposure to moisture and sunlight. Store your adhesive with the lid tightly closed in a cool dark place where the temperature remains constant. To avoid interaction with other chemicals don't keep it for long periods next to other beauty products such as cleansers, removers, lacquers or polishes.

Unopened bottles of adhesive can be kept in a fridge or freezer but always allow the adhesive to gradually come to room temperature before opening. The life of the adhesive will be seriously shortened if you open it when still cold.

Once opened - Do not keep your glues in a fridge, the adhesives have been designed to work best at room temperature 19ºC - 24ºC and cooling them down to fridge temperatures (4ºC - 8ºC) can cause condensation and shorten the life of the glue. The ideal place to keep glues is in an insulated coolbox or a vacuum flask. This will ensure that the temperature is kept stable, with no rapid cooling that can affect the adhesive.

(**TIP** Next time you buy an electrical item look for the little packet of silica gel crystals that are usually in the packaging. If you put them next to your adhesive in storage it will help to prevent moisture affecting the glue.)

Why do I need a certificate to buy your eyelash adhesive?

Our eyelash adhesives are designed for professional use by qualified eyelash extension technicians only. We take the safety of our customers and their clients seriously. Our insurance policy requires that we check that purchasers of our eyelash adhesives have undergone, or about to start, relevant training. Semi permanent eyelash adhesives are never to be used for self application and should never be used to bond directly to the skin.

You can send in your certificate by email to lashes@eyelashemporium.co.uk.

What is the difference between individual eyelash extensions, express lashes and cluster lashes?

With the technique that we teach in our individual eyelash extension course, Individual lashes are bonded one-on-one with the client's natural lashes. Express lash application requires bonding across a group of lashes, without separating each individual eyelash.

To avoid damage to the natural lashes, express application should only be carried out with a less durable glue (such as our Motion Sensitive Odour Free Eyelash Adhesive), as the group of lashes next to each other may be at different stages of their growth cycle. Individual eyelash extensions do not harm the natural lash as it will bond for the natural lifetime of the eyelash, without affecting the lashes next to it. Individual eyelash extensions last longer (as you can use our long lasting eyelash adhesives) and look natural but take longer to apply, hence you need to charge more for the treatment.

What are xD Russian Volume eyelash extensions?


xD Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions is a volume technique that has spread from Russia to the USA and is now becoming popular in Europe. This technique uses multiple superfine lash extensions to achieve amazing results without damaging the client's natural lashes, it is similar to other volume techniques that you may have heard of, such as; 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D eyelash extensions, but it is a sustainable treatment, applied in a way that doesn't overweight the lashes or cause clumps. This is an advanced technique and proper, accredited training is essential to ensure that your insurance is valid for this procedure.

How do I patch test for eyelash extensions?

There is short patch test tutorial video here. This is our recommended method and the one that you should use to be sure that you are covered by your treatment insurance. Some may have been trained to apply a patch test to the client's skin but, as all eyelash adhesives are not designed to be applied direct to skin, we believe that this is not best practice.

Are your 'Mink' lashes real Mink fur?

No, our 'Mink' Tray Lashes are 100% synthetic. They have been known as 'Mink' lashes for many years due to the soft and silky feel. They are slightly softer than our loose lashes in jars, we do not stock real mink fur for several reasons; no supplier has been able to demonstrate that the mink fur can be gathered without cruelty, most so-called mink lashes on the market are not from minks at all, they are from a Chinese weasel named a Kolinsky that some people like to call Siberian Mink. Real mink fur does not hold it's curl as well as polymer. We have not been able to be 100% satisfied that the real fur lashes are both hygienic and parasite free. Finally, the cost of real fur does not offer a value for money product.