Premiering our New Full Screen Lashes

Hey everyone,

Head Office Educator Nikki here today to bring you some very exciting news!

Have you ever used a product and become so brand loyal that you just could never shop anywhere else? This has always been me, I’m a creature of habit, I get comfortable, I like what I know.

But…as we all know the lash industry is ever changing and evolving – and so must The Eyelash Emporium!

All our products have always and will always be backed by YOU the lash tech! You guys spoke, so we listened! Today, we are premiering a full and fantastic new range of lash extension trays.

I’m just so excited about these. As I said, I’m a massive creature of habit but as soon as I picked these up, I was in love 💜

So, let’s talk everything lashes…

What’s new?

From the outside our lashes have had a total makeover. Our stunning new branded packaging is eye-catchingly vibrant and looks fab in my workspace.

The new slim cardboard box is far are easier to stack, and kind to the environment too – no more plastics!

The box also has a drop downside to make the removal of the lash strip so much easier for you!

What about the lashes?

All the lash strips are now foil backed – making the strips far easier to get out of the box and on to your pallet quickly. The foil backing also means no mess when removing from your lash palette.

The lashes themselves are just gorgeous, totally scroll-stopping. Created using an enhanced quality PBT, the lashes have a denser and more dramatic appearance, so you can forget the filters! The lashes are so super soft, and lightweight – your clients will forget they’re wearing them.

Any lash newness?

We’ve expanded our range of thicknesses to include 0.03mm to create those mesmer-eyes-ing mega volume sets and have also brought in 0.05mm for flawless fluffy Russian Volume. We’ve also extended our lengths – going up to 18mm in our fan faves!

If you haven’t tried flat lashes yet, then you 100% need to give ours a try. Our new flat lashes are so easy to apply and give a super dark and dense lash line. These are perfect for your clients who love that dramatic look but don’t want to step into volume.

And as for curls, trend alert – you’ll meet your match with our new M-Curl. This easy-to-wear curl hides hooded lids and really defines the eye.

Each of our lashes have been reviewed by our expert team and trialled and tested to make sure they’re ready for you all to create insta worthy sets ready for your clients!

We couldn’t be prouder of this new range and are looking forward to hearing your feedback. Remember #LashClub, tag us @eyelashemporium in your pics and vids on Insta, TikTok and Facebook.

Nikki x