Top Tips For Returning Back To Work

Top Tips For Returning Back To Work

We're absolutely thrilled to be getting back to lashing, and with April 12th just around the corner, there's a lot of excitement in the air! Lash techs, we know you've got a bunch of planning and preparation ahead, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Our top priority is making sure you can create a super safe and welcoming environment for both you and your clients. We totally get that maintaining cleanliness and sterilising equipment might seem a bit time-consuming initially, but trust us, once you've got things organised, it becomes easier. Here are some friendly tips to make your return to work smoother:


  1. Declutter your salon and workspace: A little spring cleaning never hurt anyone! Clearing out unnecessary items in your salon makes for a more efficient and easier-to-clean space.

  2. Create a cleaning checklist: Stay on top of your cleaning game by having a checklist to guide you throughout the day. It's a simple way to make sure everything stays squeaky clean, sanitised and sterilised.

  3. Sterilise your tools: Keep those essential tools like tweezers, scissorsbrushes and other lash essentials in top-notch condition by regularly sterilising them. Consider using an LED steriliser device like the 59S Sterilising Wand for a quick and effective solution. It is certified to eliminate 99/9% of bacteria in just 3 minutes.


Efficiency is the name of the game for lash techs, and we're here to help you streamline your workflow:

  1. Manage your schedule: Set specific work hours to avoid any overbooking stress. Clearly communicate guidelines to your clients, and taking deposits for treatments can help manage potential lateness or missed appointments.

  2. Stock up wisely: Take inventory of your supplies, order only what you need, and make sure your adhesives and tints are fresh and within their expiration date for optimal performance.

  3. Time-saving tricks: Streamline the consultation process by having clients complete electronic forms before their appointments. It's a fantastic way to save time and prevent any unnecessary delays.


We know coming back after a break can be a bit overwhelming, so remember to take it easy on yourself:

1. Prioritise self-care: Returning to the salon is exciting, but it's crucial to prioritize your well-being. If you're feeling a bit anxious, that's totally normal. Take the time to adjust to the "new normal" without putting too much pressure on yourself.

2. Establish work/life balance: Now's the perfect time to find that sweet spot between work and personal life. Balance is key!

3. We're here for you: If you ever need support or have questions, our Customer Services team and the Eyelash Emporium educators are just a message away. We've got your back!

Here's to a fantastic return to lashing - you've got this!