Top Tips For Returning Back To Work

We’re all super excited to get back into lashing again and with April 12th fast approaching lash tech’s have got lots of planning and preparation to do. Every lash technician’s key goal is keeping COVID safe and seeing as many of our clients as possible.

Here at The Eyelash Emporium our educators have put together some of their top tips for returning back to work:



Keeping yourself and your clients safe while having salon treatments is everyone’s main aim. Keeping on top of cleaning and sterilising your equipment and products may feel time consuming but once you’re organised, it will become easier. If you’re wondering how to save to save time and make your salon COVID secure, we’ve put together some useful tips: 

1. Declutter your salon and your workspace:

If your salon has a lot of unnecessary items in, now is the perfect time to declutter and have a spring clean. By decluttering your space you’ll find it easier to clean and move around the space you have.

2. Make a checklist for cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing your salon, tools and equipment:

Creating a checklist will help you keep track of cleaning, whilst keeping you and your clients safe from COVID and cross contamination. On your cleaning checklist include what you need to do at the start of the day, after every treatment and at the end of your working day.

3. Sterilise your tools:

Whether tweezers, scissors, brushes and other lash essentials, sterilising your lash tools is so important. We recommend using an LED steriliser such as the 59S Sterilising Unit or 59S Sterilising Wand, which are Certified and proven to kill 99.9% of all bacteria using 8 UV-C LED lights in just 3 minutes. They’re also safer and much more cost effective than using sterilising liquids, using an LED steriliser will do the hard work for you in between clients.



Speeding up treatment times to see as many clients as possible is every lash technician’s focus. It may seem overwhelming but planning is key and will help your schedule run smoothly.

1. Managing your diary:

Set out strict dates and times that you’re going to work. After months of not lashing it’s easy to over book and become overwhelmed by being too busy. Set out guidelines to your clients when they need to arrive and take deposits for treatments, incase clients are late or miss appointments.

2. Stocking up:

Check your stock levels and only reorder lash supplies that you need! Make sure your adhesives and tints are in date and still as potent as possible for your first day back lashing.

3. Time saving:

Client consultation cards take a lot of time out of actual treatment time which could potentially have a knock on effect to your schedule. Sending your clients electronic versions to complete and send back to you prior to appointments can save time, and in some case save a wasted visit.


Be Kind to yourself

After months spent off work we all can’t wait to get back into the salon and lashing again, but it is important to remember to still look after yourself. Some lash technicians may be feeling a little bit anxious which is more than understandable. It’s going to take a little time to adjust to the new normal, so don’t be so hard on yourself and put too much pressure on yourself. Now is the perfect time to determine your work/life balance. If you have any worries or problems regarding returning back to lashing and back to work, our Customer Services team and team of Eyelash Emporium educators are always here to help and support you all!