The Importance of Effective Lighting For Lash Artists

The Importance of Effective Lighting For Lash Artists

Effective lighting is crucial for applying and isolating eyelash extensions. Professional lighting may cost more initially, but in many cases, the bulbs last three to four times longer and ultimately help you to do much a more effective job.

What kind of lighting should I use when lashing?

We recommend a lamp which uses daylight lighting - it provides better visual clarity for detailed work, improving colour perception and helps reduce eyestrain.

As well as changing your professional lamp, we also recommend you look at replacing your main lash studio lighting to daylight bulbs. Working under your bright light when the rest of your room is dark can cause bad eye strain.

Daylight lighting will noticeably improve the look and feel of your lash studio, transforming dim and ugly yellowish light to a whiter and brighter shade. It makes the environment more appealing to your clients and it’s great for studios with few windows.

Not only that, daylight lighting is perfect for taking those important before and after photos of you clients treatments for social media!

Which professional lamp do we recommend for lashing?

We recommend the Glamcor Classic Elite 2 with its 5,600K HD daylight lighting. This lightweight lamp is an international bestseller. It’s easy to assemble, and with its handy carry bag you can have the perfect daylight lighting wherever you go.