Why are my client's lashes falling out?

We’ve all been there, a client gets in touch with you to say their lashes are falling out. It is more obvious to a client when their eyelash extensions fall out in comparison to than their natural lashes, because that lash is darker, longer and perfectly curled. But before you tell them they’re been over-dramatic, we suggest you check these number of reasons for possible fall out…

Check Your Environment

Adhesive may not bond correctly eyelash extensions if the environment isn’t right. Is your lash room at the optimal levels for your adhesive to perform at its best? We recommend a temperature of 19-24 degrees and humidity of 40-70%. Our Behind The Scenes Therma-Hygrometer will help you to understand the temperature of your environment as it changes throughout the year. It may be that you need to buy humidifier.

Check Your Application

Occasionally clients’ lashes fall out because of application, this may be because you’ve rushed or you’ve had an off day. Have you used too much or too little adhesive? Did you cleanse your client’s natural lashes effectively prior to application? Also, check your products – is your adhesive still in date, did you shake it properly before use?

Check Clients Aftercare

Before your clients wander off to enjoy their new set of lashes, drill the importance of aftercare in to them. The better care they take of their lashes, the happier they will be with their long-lasting results, and the easier it will make your life when it comes doing infills for them.

Check Clients Natural Lash Cycle

Unfortunately, this is an issue which you just can’t resolve – if a client’s lash is at the end of its lifecycle it will fall out. (Growth cycle can be affected in some circumstances by medication or poor health – your client consultation should have helped you to analyse whether any of these contra-indications exist).