Why You Should Train In HYLASH Classic Advanced With Us

The Eyelash Emporium are proud to introduce a revolutionary new hybrid lash course – HYLASH Classic Advanced. We have designed this course for techs who want to build on the knowledge learnt in classic lash training, with hints and tips around lash weighting, mixing curls and lashing those hard to reach areas. But that’s not all, it’ll also teach you how to create HYLASH Hybrid Lashes using pre-made fans and building 2D handmade fans.


What are Hybrid Lashes?

The demand for hybrid lashes has risen dramatically over recent years, after proving popular with many celebrities such as The Kardashians. Hybrid lashes showcase two lashing skills, 1:1 application learnt in classic individual lashes as well as multiple:1 application as taught in volume. With hybrid lashes, you can achieve dark, fluffy, wispy sets that you can’t with classic. This technique takes half the time of Russian volume lashes, but still allows you to create that depth and volume your clients desire.


Is HYLASH Classic Advanced the course for me?

HYLASH Classic Advanced training course is perfect for those lash techs that want to become lash artists. If you have passed your classic lash training but want to create more styled, voluminous, wispy sets – then this course will teach you how to do just that. If you have been trained in classic lashes for 3-6 months and are feeling confident in the sets you’re producing but want to offer more to your clients, HYLASH Classic Advanced is the next step in your lash career.


What will I learn?

Within the HYLASH Classic Advanced course, you will learn how to lash map different styles of lashes, layering, weighting, mixing curls, using pre-made fans, and how to create HYLASH hybrid lashes using a number of techniques.

By learning these advanced skills, you will be able to create the show-stopping hybrid sets that your clients could only dream of having.


How will HYLASH Classic Advanced benefit my clients?

We know so many clients come in holding a picture of Kim K and ask to have lashes like her – and it’s not always possible in the time you have. The beauty of HYLASH Classic Advanced is that you will learn how to style each eye individually, learning about weighting and mixing curls, you will be able to get a style the client loves, that suits their eye shape and the natural lashes that you have to work with.


In addition, if you have clients that are wanting a volume look for less, offering them our HYLASH hybrid lashes would mean they could get that voluminous look they’re after at a more affordable price.


How can the hybrid lash course benefit my business?

The HYLASH Classic Advanced course not only helps client satisfaction, but your business itself benefits from offering the treatment. Being qualified in hybrid lashes will set you apart from other lash artists in your area. It gives you the potential to increase your client base due to the wider range of lash treatments available, and you will also benefit financially, as this would be a treatment you would charge more for over classic lash treatments.


Creating uniquely styled hybrid lashes, tailored to each client shows off your skill and versatility as a lash artist. Your client base will grow and grow if you keep up with industry trends and can offer what your clients demand. Increase your skill, income and client satisfaction, and take the next step in your lashing career.


To find out more, visit www.eyelashemporium.com/pages/classic-advanced-eyelash-extension-training