Working With Your Adhesive

Working With Your Adhesive

The optimum temperature for good glue work is 19-24 degrees C. A steady temperature without fluctuations is better for optimal results

Humidity is the key to easy application and good retention – especially when working with fans.

Cyanoacrylate for lashes works best between 40 – 70 % - this means that at the lower end the glue will take longer to dry and you will need to hold your lashes in isolation longer as the dry time will increase. At the higher end the glue dries very fast, you will need to work quickly to ensure that your lash doesn’t dry in the air and you can make a strong bond.

Glue must always be kept upright, and I always run with 1 x bottle in use and 1 x bottle spare

Look after your glue and it will look after you!