10 products

      10 products

      Eyelash extension adhesives that guarantee an award-winning performance!

      Our Quick-Time EliteMaster Artist, Blockbuster, Epic and Motion Sensitive semi-permanent eyelash adhesives have all been created with the varying portfolios and skill sets of lash artists across the world in mind.

      Latex free and zero rated for formaldehyde, you can choose the perfect eyelash extension glue for you and the treatments that you offer.

      Unsure Which Eyelash Adhesive Is Right For You and Your Environment?

      Which adhesive is for you? The Eyelash Emporium 

      Also, take a look at our guide to  finding the best eyelash adhesive for you.

      Ordering Semi-Permanent Eyelash Glue From Us For The First Time?

      If you are ordering eyelash extension adhesive for the first time from us, we will be in touch with you for a copy of your individual semi-permanent eyelash extension certificate as our eyelash extension glue is for advanced lash technicians only. You can take a picture of your certificate and send this through to The details of the requirements and conditions for the use of adhesive products can be found in our Terms of Sale.

      Eyelash Extension Glue Removers

      Remove eyelash extensions without damaging clients' natural lashes with our selection of eyelash extension glue removers. From gel, to clay, to whipped - we have formulated a range of eyelash extension removers whether it's for in-salon removal or removing lashes at home.