FAQS - Fast Motion Express Lashes

What is Fast Motion Express Lashes?

It's a quick treatment where lashes are placed on top of the natural lashes.

What looks can be achieved?

  • Classic Express - Our individual lashes consist of a single PBT lashes being applied on top of natural lashes to give an effortlessly glamorous appearance.
  • Volume Express - Our Special Effects Pre-Made Fans consist of multiple lashes fused together to create a lightweight, fluttery lash extension enabling you to add even more volume from every application.
  • Strip Lashes - Our strip lashes consist of many fine, synthetic PBT threads attached to a soft PBT strip and applied along the edge of the eyelid using a non-latex adhesive. They provide a complete instant effect and range from full-on volume to a more natural every day wear. 


How long does it take?

Treatment time just 30 minutes.

How long does an express treatment last?

7-10 days. It's great if you want lashes for a special occasion and then need them removing after a couple of days. Removal is simple with our Whipped Adhesive at Home Remover.