How Face Masks Can Affect Performance Of Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Due to the new Covid-19 restrictions, all clients are now required to wear masks, which is having a large impact on the performance of the eyelash extension adhesive.

A large amount of moisture is gathered in the masks during the treatment, which is then coming out the top of the mask, on to the lashes.

Moisture cures the eyelash extension glue, so therefore the adhesive is curing a lot faster than you are used to, and therefore not being properly attached.

A few recommendations we have are;

• Changing clients masks to a disposable mask before the treatment, we find these are a lot easier to tape down, reducing moisture coming out the top.

• Taping top of mask down with Transpore Tape, as this is a stickier tape, we find it works better.

• Switching to our Master Artist Eyelash Extension Adhesive, if not already using. This glue works in a wider humidity range, and therefor would be more suitable for the additional moisture, and not affect the setting times.

• Having a cooler room, not the most suitable tip as its getting colder outside, but this will speed down the setting time of the glue, to counteract the additional moisture.

• Ask the clients not to talk, this creates even more moisture, and means the masks will be moving, releasing moisture.

• Buy a humidifier, to keep a constant check on the humidity and temperature in the room using your hygrometer.

Another good thing to do, to see if this is the problem, is to place a mirror above the top of the mask during the treatment, if it fogs up, then the moisture is coming out of the mask, and will affect the lashes.