What is the difference between your Cleanser and Primer?

The cleanser with clean the eye area and the lashes - think of it as a nice foamy bath for the eye area. This is also an amazing retail item for you - every client should be taking one home with them! The primer preps the lashes ready for treatment, after you have cleansed the lashes, it balances the moisture level back. You need the tiniest amount, by using your primer it helps with retention but too much can also affect and cause poor retention.

What is the difference between Primer and Accelerator?

Accelerator is different to primer, the accelerator is a product that can help with speeding up the curing process of adhesive. You put the accelerator straight onto the strip of the lashes then continue treatment as normal. This is a great product for a tech that maybe is not confident to move onto a quicker glue. Accelerator is also great to have if it's cold in your lash room as it can help speed the setting time of your adhesive up.