Classic Lash Map Bundle

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Find all the lash essentials you need to do Classic Lashes with our Classic Lash Bundle. 
Save over £35.

Bundle includes: 

  • Master Artist Adhesive
  • C-Curl Mixed Length Lashes 0.15mm
  • C-Curl Mixed Length Lashes 0.18mm
  • D-Curl Mixed Length Lashes 0.15mm

Please note this bundle contains professional eyelash adhesive. If you are ordering eyelash extension adhesive for semi-permanent lashes for the first time from us, you will need to send us a copy of your individual semi-permanent eyelash extension certificate as our eyelash extension adhesive is for advanced technicians only. You can take a picture of your certificate and send this through to Unfortunately, if we don't receive your certificate within 3 working days we will refund the adhesive from your order. The details of the requirements and conditions for the use of semi-permanent lash adhesive products can be found in our Terms of Sale.

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