Hay Fever & Eyelash Extensions

As summer is here you may find more and more clients are visiting you with hay fever.

On our training in the Classic Individual Eyelash Extension course at The Eyelash Emporium, we teach not to do a treatment on a client with hay fever as it is a contra-indication.

Why do we recommend not treating a client with hay fever?

Hay fever is an allergy and allergies weaken the immune system. When the immune system is low, clients who have been having eyelash extensions for months on end and have not experienced any problems can find they become more susceptible to sensitivity and possible reactions or irritations to your lash products.

But, we’ve all got those clients who will do anything to have their lashes done. So, it’ll be no surprise to you if they’re not all forthcoming with the facts when you’re going through the client consultation card with them!

So, what do you do if a client hasn’t told you that they suffer from hay fever and they have their eyelash extension treatment?

First off, if the client finds they are having a reaction, tell them to try and not rub their eyes. Rubbing the eyes will not only create more irritation but could also cause damage to their natural lashes. It’s important that you recommend the client seeks medical advice as to what medication they can take to ease their reaction. There are also supplements that doctors can recommend which can help to boost the immune system.

Could hay fever affect eyelash extension retention?

There are different kinds of hay fever. Some can be more noticeable in the eyes, while some can be hidden in the nose or throat. Those who suffer from watery and puffy eyes may find that they get poorer lash retention. The efficiency of the adhesive may have been affected by eyes watering and the adhesive may not have had chance to cure properly. Or retention could be affected through the client using oily eyedrops for their hay fever.

Advice for hay fever suffers with eyelash extensions…

Clean, clean and clean your lashes. Yes, you should be cleaning them anyway, but when hay fever season hits, you should be cleaning those lashes thoroughly as pollen can settle on the lashes and amplify irritation. We sell a great range of aftercare which can help your clients to keep their lashes clean.

So now you’re armed with the facts – you’re ready for hay fever season.