How Does Brow Lamination Work?

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a two-part treatment which uses chemical solutions (for us, the same as we use in our GDL Lash Lift), to manipulate brows, straightening out the growth pattern of the brow hair, setting them into a new shape.

What’s the process of Eyebrow Lamination?

1. Consultation & Patch Test

As with any beauty treatment, a consultation is imperative before brow lamination. As a brow stylist, you need to assess your client’s brow hairs, to see what looks are achievable through brow lamination, and how this relates to their expectations from the treatment. Within this consultation, a patch test would also be carried out to identify if your client has any reactions to the product used during eyebrow lamination treatment which would make it unsuitable for them.

2. Preparation

From the consultation, you may discover your client has sensitive skin, applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the skin around the brow area can act as a good barrier should the product touch the skin. For coarse hair, using a small amount of our GDL bonder can help to set the brows into place before treatment.

3. Scene 1 – Relaxing The Brows

The first step in performing eyebrow lamination is to relax the brow hairs. Apply our Scene 1 with a micro applicator to the brows - starting at the root and working up to the tips of the brow hair. We advise to start the application to the middle section of the brows first, as this is where the hair is usually longer and coarser. Cover the brows with cling film to add warmth, activating the product and leave Scene 1 on the brow hairs in correspondence with our Timing Guidelines.

4. Remove Scene 1

Once Scene 1 has been applied and left on for the appropriate time, remove with a damp cotton wool pad.

5. Scene 2 – Set Brow Hairs

Once the hairs have been relaxed, the next stage is to set them into the correct place. In a similar fashion to Scene 1, apply the solution with micro applicators throughout the brow and leave on for the correct time in correspondence with our Timing Guidelines. As this is a neutralising product, warmth is not required so cling film is not required.

6. Remove Scene 2

When Scene 2 has been applied and left on for the correct time, remove the solution with a damp cotton wool pad.

7. Tint / Wax / Thread

If your clients wish to have their eyebrows tinted and waxed/threaded as part of the eyebrow lamination treatment, it is recommended for this to be done at this stage. Top Tip – Tint is only required to be left on for 1-3 minutes after brow lamination.  Apply tint to the root only and brush through the brows with your silicone mascara wand.

8. Finishing Touches

To finish and ensure the eyebrow hairs are in good health, apply nourish serum over the brows using a cotton bud and style as required.

If you want to offer your clients symmetrical, full brows with low maintenance, then brow lamination is definitely a treatment you should be offering. Giving your clients laminated brows will mean they can have the most on-trend beauty treatment of 2020, waking up with perfect brows everyday effortlessly. Interested in training in brow lamination training or shopping our brow lamination products? Visit


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