Lash Shedding Season

Lash Shedding Season

As springtime approaches, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on lash shedding season. In the spring and autumn, we have witnessed so many lash clients wonder why they’re losing more lashes, and so many lash artists wonder why the retention of their sets is decreasing. Fear not, because we have the answer – it’s all part of lash shedding season and it is completely natural.

So, what is lash shedding season?

In a similar way that animals lose their heavy coat for the hotter weather, as humans, we also shed our hair (including our lashes) for the change in temperatures to come. Summer weather can cause some clients’ skin to sweat and produce more oils which will affect retention, and Winter weather with its lower humidity levels can cause lashes to become more brittle and fall out easier. In a regular lash shed cycle, we can lose up to 5-7 natural lashes per day, however this can increase dramatically in Spring and Autumn in preparation for the temperature changes. This is what’s referred to as ‘Lash Shedding Season’.

The loss of lashes often goes unnoticed for people without lash extensions as the natural lashes are so fine, but when you have individual lash extensions or fans attached to your natural lashes, it can become more noticeable. It is for this reason we need to make sure that both lash artists and their clients are educated on their natural lash cycle.

Should I talk to my clients about lash shedding season?

It is crucial to educate yourself and your clients about lash shedding season. If unaware of how this may affect retention, lash artists can often worry that their adhesives aren’t performing as well as usual, or whether they need to alter their lashing surroundings, when the actual reason is out of their control.

Just before the lash shed approaches, start to discuss it with your clients and inform them of what to expect throughout lash shedding season. Talk about how it is a natural process and they shouldn’t worry. You can suggest lash serums to them to help strengthen their natural lashes and may also want to recommend they come for an infill sooner than they usually would.

Is there any way I can help to limit the affects of the lash shedding season?

Unfortunately, there is no product that can stop nature from taking its cause. The best thing to do is to acknowledge the lash shedding season and implement steps to limit its affect on our clients.

The lash shed can affect clients differently, so make sure you are making unique notes on each client regarding retention and how they are being affected at every appointment. From this, figure out appropriate infill times. Throughout lash shed, clients may need to come in more frequently for their infills to keep on top of the lashes they are losing. If they are not comfortable doing so, retail your clients a non-oil-based mascara such as our Feature Length Nourishing Mascara to help disguise those gaps in-between appointments.

Another great product recommendation would be our Stunt Double Lash Growth Serum. This amazing serum is formulated for use with eyelash extensions and can increase lash density by up to 79%. Helping to speed up and fill out the growth of natural lashes, this product is great to retail to clients to give them confidence during the lash shed.

Eyelash shedding season occurs twice a year in Spring and Autumn when temperatures begin to change. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to prevent this, but it is crucial to educate yourself and your clients regarding the lash shed. Shorten infill times or retail supporting products to help get through this period, but most importantly, remember it is only natural! Don’t let your clients get worried and don’t think the shorter retention times reflect your work.

If you want to find out more or need further advice on lash shedding season, get in touch.