How & When To Correctly Remove Eyelash Extensions

How & When To Correctly Remove Eyelash Extensions

Knowing how and when to correctly remove eyelash extensions is an important skill for every lash artist.

To do eyelash extension removal you’ll need the following products:

Reasons you may be removing eyelash extensions

  • To take off the last few remaining after a treatment, usually if your client decides to have an eyelash break.
  • If your client has to take them off for medical reasons, for example they’re having an operation and cannot leave them on.
  • If someone has had an adverse reaction to their extensions, it may be necessary to remove them as a safety precaution.

Why you should be using a gel remover

Dissolve Adhesive Gel Remover has a perfect consistency and works quickly, which, as a busy eyelash technician is what you need.

Never use a liquid remover. These products are a buffered acetone, which if in a liquid format, could easily run back in to the eye and cause great discomfort.

How to remove eyelash extensions

Preparation is key, as it is with all eyelash treatments. Make sure that you de-tack your micropore tape before placement on top of the bottom natural lashes. Use gel pads over the top of the tape, for even more support and protection. Use one dry microbrush underneath the extensions, whilst you use another microbrush over the top of the extensions, with a small amount of the remover on it.

Do not saturate the microbrush, if you need more, then use tiny amounts every so often, rather than risk having too much product around the eye area. Run the product in an upwards motion along the eyelash extensions, until they gently lift off. Never run the brushes from tip to root, always root to tip, to keep the product away from the eye.

Have some couch roll handy next to you so that you can pop the extensions on there once they have come off, you don’t want any lose lashes around the eye area.

Once you have successfully removed all of the extensions, thoroughly cleanse around the eye area with some damp, clean sponges or cotton pads.

After eyelash extension removal

Always wait before applying more lashes, as the remover is quite oily the new lashes won’t be able to bond properly, causing poor retention. If you’re doing an infill, and need the odd rogue lash removing, use the peeling technique to remove these lashes, rather than reaching for the remover.

This article was written by our Doncaster Educator, Lisa Burns.