Presenting The Eyelash Emporium Nano Mister

Presenting The Eyelash Emporium Nano Mister

The Eyelash Emporium are proud to present our handheld humidifier, The Nano Mister. The perfect finale to your lash extension treatment.

Gone are the days of your clients having to wait 24-48 hours to get their lashes wet. With the growth of the lash industry has come new innovation. The Nano Mister, is one of the newest tools to help extend lash extension retention, and stimulate fast curing.

Who should use our Nano Mister?
The simple answer is EVERYONE. Every lash tech needs the Nano Mister to help cure lashes – FAST! And the Nano Mister will also improve your clients’ overall experience of your lash treatment.

What is the Nano Mister?
The Nano Mister is a small, handheld humidifier which sprays a controlled mist of water. The Nano Mister is to be used after lash extensions have been applied to the natural lash, curing the lash adhesive.

How does the Nano Mister work?
In contrary to what we say about not getting lash extensions wet, the Nano Mister releases a controlled mist of water which reacts with the Cyanoacrylate, also known as the active ingredient in eyelash extension adhesive to form a chain of molecules called a polymer. By using the Nano Mister you are causing the lash adhesive to polymerize, which in essence activates the adhesive curing process immediately.

Benefits of using the Nano Mister
The Nano Mister is designed to speed up the curing process of the eyelash adhesive from 24-48 hours, down to just 4-10 hours. Need we say anymore? Adding a controlled refreshing and relaxing mist of water from the Nano Mister to the end of your treatment will reduce the chances of your client having a reaction or irritations to the fumes, as lash adhesive stops emitting fumes once the lash glue is cured. This process also allows clients to get their lashes wet sooner, as well as adding natural moisture back to your clients’ eyes, reducing dryness and redness.

How to use the Nano Mister?

  1. Charge the Nano Mister with the USB charger included.
  2. Fill the tank with distilled water (only use distilled water, as hard water will cause the nozzle of the Nano Mister to clog up.
  3. Place the rubber stopped in the tank and latch the door of the Nano Mister.
  4. At the end of your client’s treatment when the client’s lashes are thoroughly air dried hold the Nano Mister in an upright position, approx. 8-12 inches away from your client’s face and lashes.
  5. Slide the bottom part of the Nano Mister downward to turn the Nano Mister on.
  6. Move the Nano Mister back and forth in a swaying motion across the client’s lashes. The Nano Mister runs on a timer, and will shut off after 30 seconds (the recommended time of use).

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