Presenting the GLAMCOR FLOW

Presenting the GLAMCOR FLOW

Introducing GLAMCOR FLOW

The Eyelash Emporium are proud to introduce the latest in eyelash innovation, the GLAMCOR FLOW by the leading professionals in professional lighting, GLAMCOR

What is the GLAMCOR FLOW?

The GLAMCOR FLOW is unlike any other GLAMCOR Light. The GLAMCOR FLOW is a modern exhaust fan and dryer fan. The fan creates movement in the air around the working area and creating ventilation in the salon, whilst redirecting toxic fumes from the air and improving air quality.

Why use the GLAMCOR FLOW in your lash treatments?  

The GLAMCOR FLOW has been designed to increase airflow and ventilation around your working area and also where the clients lay their heads. The vapour released from lash adhesive is a chemical by-product from the oxidisation of the lash adhesive. When adhesive is released onto your jade stone, or micropore (or your chosen method of adhesive dispensing) as soon as the adhesive is released a cloud of vapour starts to form in your working area. And with every eyelash extension you add to a set of lashes the cloud of vapour grows and sits around the client’s eyes.

Why does it matter if there is a cloud of vapour around the client and your working area? It REALLY matters! Over-exposure to these chemical vapours will increase the chances of your client reacting to lash adhesive, and ultimately your clients not being able to have lash extensions or lash treatments in future. The cloud of vapour has the potential to chemically burn the eye, if a client opens their eye during treatment for any reason and becomes exposed to this level of trauma, the body will naturally react and build antibodies to fight what it believes is a threat, this is the start of sensitivity as the body becomes heightened and this level of contact can lead to a full adhesive allergy in the future. Therefore, any measures that you can take to lower exposure, reduce the cloud of vapour, and promote a healthy working environment should be actioned for the safety of your client, and the longevity of your career.


How to use the GLAMCOR FLOW?

The GLAMCOR FLOW is super easy to use and set up. The fan has three speeds, near silent and is attached to a flexible arm that clamps onto your beauty bed, and a plug which switches on at the mains. Once in position, angle the GLAMCOR FLOW to compliment your GLAMCOR light which when set up looks professional as well as being functional, making working closely on a client a pleasant experience. If you’re questioning whether the strength of the circulation will move the lashes, no is the answer. When the GLAMCOR FLOW is set up correctly and in the right position, it will not compromise your lash treatment or lash set.

The GLAMCOR FLOW is compatible with other GLAMCOR products and can be used as a free-standing fan.

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