Why introduce a purifier or humidifier into your eyelash extension treatment area?

Achieving a good bond on a set of eyelash extensions is important for great lash retention. Air quality, room temperature and humidity all impact how adhesive works and how a bond is formed.

Humidity and how to deal with it

When applying eyelash extensions your room temperature should be between 16 and 24°C and your humidity should be between 40 and 70%. To monitor your humidity levels we recommend you use a hygrometer which measures the humidity and moisture in your treatment room. If you find your room humidity is too low or too high, you need a de-humidifier or humidifier.

The Boneco U700 Humidifier works as a de-humidifier by sucking in the air and removing the moisture into a tank within the unit and then releasing the air back into the room. It also works as a humidifier by releasing water vapour into the air, increasing humidity.

How to purify your air

Purifiers help improve ventilation by cleaning indoor air. They remove adhesive vapours, dust and smoke from the air, as well as allergenic substances like animal dander and pollen. Purifying the air in your treatment room is important if you’re spending long periods of time applying eyelash extensions to clients.